1. @ErnestoRiley ~Osho Quotes on Love – Love is an unconditional gift~

    Osho Quotes on Love Love can never possess. Love is giving freedom to the other. Love is an unconditional gift, it is not a bargain. You become so intense that you are not there, because if you are there then the intensity cannot be total; then two are there. If you love and the lover is there, then love cannot be intense. Love so deeply, so totally, that the lover disappears. Then you are just an energy moving. Then you will know love, you will know life, you will know death. When you love a woman don’t be bothered about what others have said about love, because that is going to be an interference. You love a woman, the love is there, forget all that you have learned about love. Forget all Kinseys, forget all Masters and Johnsons, forget all Freuds and Jungs. Please don’t become a language professor. Just love the woman and let love be there, and let love lead you and guide you into its innermost secrets, into its mysteries. Then you will be able to know what love is. You can come to know the truth only when you are in love. But love never argues. There is no argument in love, because there is no aggression. If you love, love totally; if you hate, hate totally. Don’t be fragmentary; suffer the consequences. Because of consequences you try to deceive. If you love a woman, you can dominate her. That’s why lovers go on playing politics with each other, dominating, possessing; the fear is there that if you don’t dominate you will be lost and the other will dominate, so they continuously fight. Husbands and wives, lovers, go on fighting; the fight is for existence, to survive. The fear is there, “I may be lost in the other.” Surrender is just like love. That’s why I say only lovers can become sannyasins — because they know a little of how to surrender. Love is the first step towards the divine, surrender is the last. And two steps is the whole journey. Don’t allow the fear to overpower you, allow love to overpower you. Love comes from the center, fear always comes from the periphery; don’t allow this periphery to be dominant. And what have you got to lose? A silence is needed before death, before life, before love. If you love a person you sit silently with the person. You would not like to chatter, you would like to just hold their hand and live and be silent in that moment. If you chatter, that means you are avoiding the person — love is not really there. If you love life, chattering will drop, because every moment is so filled with life that there is no way, no space to chatter. Each moment life is flooding you so vitally — where is the time to gossip and chatter? Remember, if you cannot love a person you cannot love humanity. That may be a trick. Those who cannot love persons — because it is very dangerous to love a person — they always think they love humanity. Where is humanity? Can you find it anywhere? It is just a word. Humanity exists nowhere. Wherever you go you will find a person existing. Life is persons, not humanity. Life is always personified, it exists as an individual. Society, country, humanity, are just words. Where is society? Where is the country, the motherland? You cannot love a mother, and you love a motherland? You must be deceiving somewhere. But the word is good, beautiful: motherland. You need not bother about the motherland, because the motherland is not a person, it is a fiction in your mind. It is your own ego. If you love a person, by and by the person becomes the door to the whole. But one has to start with the person, with the small, with the atomic. You cannot take the jump. The Ganges cannot simply jump into the ocean, it has to start in the Gangotri, just a small stream; then wider and wider and bigger and bigger it goes, and then finally it merges with the ocean. Deep love creates deep fear. It looks like death because the I disappears, the you disappears — and it is a sort of death. And when you die, only then do you enter into the divine. I have been continuously surprised by people who come to me and say they are afraid of love. What is the fear of love? It is because when you really love somebody your ego starts slipping and melting. You cannot love with the ego; the ego becomes a barrier. and when you want to drop the barrier the ego says, ‘This is going to be a death. Beware!’ This is the case with millions of people. They talk about love, they know all the poetries about love, but they have never loved. Or even if they thought they were in love, they were never in love. That too was a ‘heady’ thing, it was not of the heart. People live and go on missing life. It needs courage. It needs courage to be realistic, it needs courage to move with life wherever it leads, because the paths are uncharted, there exists no map. One has to go into the unknown. When you see love between two persons, something is flowing, moving, changing. When there is love between two persons they live in an aura, there is a constant sharing. Their vibrations are reaching to : each other; they are broadcasting their being to each other. There is no wall between them, they are two and yet not two — they are one also. People have become afraid of love because in love also, death penetrates. If two lovers are sitting side by side in deep love and intimacy, not even talking…. Talking is an escape, an escape from love. When two lovers are talking that simply shows they are avoiding the intimacy. Words in-between give distance — with no words distance disappears, death appears. In silence there is death just lurking around — a beautiful phenomenon. But people are so afraid that they go on talking whether it is needed or not. They go on talking about anything, everything — but they cannot keep silent. I am not talking against life. How can I talk against life? I am madly in love with life! I am so madly in love with life, that because of it I have fallen in love with death also. It is part of life. When you love life totally how can you avoid death? You have to love death also. When you love a flower deeply, you love its withering away also: When you love a woman deeply, you love her getting old also, you one day love her death also. That is part, part of the woman. The old age has not happened from the outside, it has come from the inside. The beautiful face has become wrinkled now — you love those wrinkles also. They are part of your woman. You love a man and his hair has grown white — you love those hairs also. They have not happened from the outside; they are not accidents. Life is unfolding. Now the black hair has disappeared and the grey hair has come. You don’t reject them, you love them, they are a part. Then your man becomes old, becomes weak — you love that too. Then one day the man is gone — you love that too. Love loves all. Love knows nothing else than love. Hence I say love death. If you can love death it will be very simple to love life. If you can love even death, there is no problem.


  2. @ErnestoRiley From this moment begins to see everything as a blessing

    From this moment begins to see everything as a blessing. And when I say everything, I mean everything. Even though sometimes you feel pain, is a blessing. They may not understand it, but it is a blessing. One day I will understand and see it was a blessing, it was necessary, absolutely necessary, that helped you grow. Even suffering is a blessing. Cleaner helps you to be more integrated, eliminating the childishness that is in you, helps you grow. From suffering comes a certain maturity. Look, look and try to find a blessing everywhere. sometimes it is disguised, sometimes not so much, sometimes completely naked. However, if you look you will find that is always there, in the success in the failure, pain, pleasure, life and death.'s there in summer, winter is here, it’s there in his youth, is there in old age.'s there in health, is there in the disease. I call religious the person who is able to see blessings everywhere, which finds no place, no point other than a blessing. ” OSHO


  3. @ErnestoRiley Religion is not in Scripture, is scattered throughout the existence

    “I’m completely in love with the world and life, and teach my sannyasins to be great lovers of life. Dance with the wind, dancing in the rain, dancing with the trees, and you may be surprised that religion is not in the scriptures , is scattered throughout existence. She can be glimpsed in the rainbow, you can experience it in the dance of the peacock, or the distant call of the cuckoo, or someone who plays the flute.

    Religion is not dead. Religion is very much alive, and you must be alive to get in touch with her. If you live in unhappiness, live in death. If you live in bliss, you will be ever more lively.

    When you reach such a summit, a summit orgasmic come in contact with existence. Esses will contact you proof that life is not just matter but something more. That something else is indefinable. You can call it X, Y, Z, lighting, tao, truth, divinity, but they are more than words to indicate something that no words can contain. ” OSHO


  4. @ErnestoRiley Love is one of the greatest experiences of life, and many lose it

    Question: I am a strong man, but I can not find a woman who really loves me. What am I missing? I came to find my soul mate. Can you help?

    You may be strong physically, that does not mean you have a soul.
    The soul is only a seed, you have no real soul within, only possibilities. And without a soul, people start looking for a soulmate! Only one soul can bring another soul. If you have a soul, then a soul is destined to be attracted to you, find your soul mate.
    But you never think it’s way …

    The force, in the ordinary mind, it means aggression. And a woman needs a little more tenderness, no aggression …

    You may be aggressive, you may be a suitor, you may be less interested in love and more to conquer a woman.
    There are many people who do that, go count how many women have conquered. There are also women … that they still have, as if love were a question of quantity! …

    There are people who have an account: how many women have won, how many men have conquered. If you are interested in the conquest are not interested in love. And as life slowly begins to slip from your hands, when death starts knocking on your door, you get scared. Suddenly you become aware of that you missed something beautiful.

    Love is one of the greatest experiences of life, and many lose it.
    Children may play, may have been married many times, but love is a completely different phenomenon. It requires great sensitivity, you need a soul …

    One thing you need is: instead of looking for a soulmate Become a soul, become more aware.
    When love is only lust and unconscious is just a beautiful name for something ugly. Only when love is true love knows. But how many people are aware of?. Only when love is meditative, it is true love.
    And a love meditative meditative energy will attract love.
    Only get what you deserve, remember, nothing less. You always get exactly what you deserve. Existence is very fair and equitable. So if you do not get your soul mate, you will not find a frenzy. Rather inward-looking.

    Is something missing inside you, you lack the qualities of love. You’re cute, are not sensitive, you are not aware. You do not know how to give without asking anything in return. Your love is a demand, has conditions. It is a type of exploitation. Want to use the other’s body, and no woman is happy to be used, he hates it.

    Millions of women hate their husbands for the simple reason that feel used as if they were machines that only your sexual desire and can be relieved and sleep well. No woman can respect you if you feel used. Every being is an end in itself. Never use a woman, never use a man, never use anyone. Nobody is a means for your purposes. Respect, love is sharing, is not to use other, not to try to grab something else. On the contrary, is to give all the heart for no reason, just for the sheer joy of giving.

    And one day soon find that you have found someone with whom his energies are in harmony, agreement. It is a beautiful experience to find even a single person you’re in harmony …
    You can not imagine my ecstasy, I am in harmony with all my sannyasin, in deep harmony, tremendous harmony. Then love reaches its highest point. Stop being sexual, it is pure prayer, you’ve found your soul mate.

    If your love is lust can not find a soul mate.
    You can only find the body of a woman. And the body will not help you satisfy your craving. You need to tune into the soul, the inner self with the interiority of the woman or man. If it happens at least one person, there is a great joy. And then, when you know the art, it can happen with many people. And that’s friendship.

    My effort here is to create a district where thousands of souls are in such deep friendship, that love, like soul mates. We exude a big light in the world through this energy field! We can start such a revolution in the world, we can start such a fire that will burn in the future, through the centuries, helping people to transform, to be reborn. ”



  5. @ErnestoRiley You can meditate, that’s the only way to know about it … The real life is an existence, an experience

    "If you deal too much with the intellect does not have time to hire you with all your soul. If you spend too much on your head, ignore much of what is affordable. The way can only be known if deeply involved in existence. Can not be understood from outside, must be a participant.

    Not long ago came to me a professor of psychology. He teaches in Chicago. Is Indian and lives in the United States. Came to visit. I had been writing for almost two years: “I will shortly not be long.” Finally he came and wanted to know about meditation. He was here ten or twelve days and watched the others think and say: “I’m watching.”

    But how can you see meditate? You can meditate, that’s the only way to know. A meditator can observe from the outside - you can see dancing, or staying silent, or, yes, sitting - but what you do with that?.

    Meditation is not sitting, it is dance, not stand still. Meditation is something that happens in the hollow of the person, in the depths. You can observe, there is no objective knowledge of meditation.
    So I said:
    - If you really want to know … dance.
    And he answered:
    - First I have seen, I must first convince himself of something, then I will.
    Then I said:
    - If you stick to your condition never will. Because the only way to know is to do, and you say you will do it only when I know. It is impossible. It is as impossible to put a condition that will never happen.

    It’s as if somebody said, “I will love only when you know what love is.” But how can you know love without love? You can watch two lovers hand in hand, but that is not love. Also two enemies can hold hands. Although two people hold hands, does not mean that you love, may be just pretending.

    Even if you see two people making love, can not question love. It may be something else can be just sex and no love. There is no way to know the love from the outside. There are things that are revealed only when you are a participant …

    Religion is a subjective approach. You are going, you have to penetrate, is introspection. You have to dive deep into your own being. Only then can you know …

    Only you can know the holiness by becoming a god, there is no other way. You can only know love by becoming a lover. And if you think it is too risky without knowing - and falling in love is risky - then you’ll be without love, you’ll still be a desert.

    Yes, life is risk, and one must be brave enough to accept it. Not always have to be calculated. If you do not stop to calculate lifetime, you lose all.

    Take risks, be brave. Only one way to live, and dangerous. And that is the danger that one must act without knowing, that we must go into the unknown. For that you need confidence …

    But remember, the word “life” is not life, the word “love” is love, the word “God” is not God. The real life is a life, an experience. “


  6. @ErnestoRiley Jealousy is one of the most recurrent psychological ignorance of yourself OSHO

    "Jealousy is one of the most recurrent
    of psychological ignorance of yourself
    of other
    and particularly in relationships.
    People think they know what love is
    do not know.
    And their misunderstanding of love is what creates jealousy.
    For love,
    people refer to some kind of monopoly,
    a certain sense of ownership
    not understand a simple fact of life:
    in the time that you have a human
    I've killed.
    Life can not be possessed.
    You can not take it in your fist.
    If you have it,
    you must leave your hands open. “


  7. No hurry for marriage (OSHO) @ErnestoRiley

     No hurry for marriage
    "I never said that love is destroyed by marriage. How can marriage destroy love Yes, it destroys the marriage but is destroyed by you, not marriage. Is destroyed by the couple. How can marriage destroy love? you who destroy it because you do not know what love is. simply want to know, just waiting to know, you dream you know, but you do not know what love is. Love must be learned, is the art more great that there …

    You are born with only one ability. Of course, you are born with a body can be a dancer because you have the body. Move your body and can be a dancer but dancing has to be learned. It takes much effort to learn to dance. And the dancing is not so difficult because you are only involved in it.

    Love is much more difficult. You dance with someone else. The other is also needed to know what the dance. The mate with someone is a great art. Create a harmony between two people … two mean two different worlds. When two worlds come close, the shock will be there if you do not know how to harmonize. Love is harmony. And happiness, health, harmony, all out of love. Learn to love. Do not rush to marriage, learn to love. First become a great lover …

    The first lesson of love is not asking for love, but only to give. Become a giver.

    People are doing just the opposite. Although they give only the idea that love should come back. It’s a business. They do not share do not share freely. They share with one condition. Still looking askance if you are going or not. Very poor … do not know the natural functioning of love. You just pour, he will return ….

    Two People, unhappy separately, create more unhappiness for each other when they meet. That is mathematical. You were unhappy, your wife was unhappy what both are hoping that being together will become happy? This is … this is so ordinary arithmetic, such as two plus two equals four. It’s that simple. There is no part of higher mathematics, is very ordinary, you can count on your fingers. They will become unhappy.

    Woo is one thing. Do not rely on the procession. In fact before you get married, get rid of courtship. My suggestion is that marriage should happen after the honeymoon, ever. Only if all goes well, only then the marriage should occur.

    The honeymoon after marriage is very dangerous. For all I know, ninety-nine percent of all marriages end up in the moment when the honeymoon ends. But then you’re stuck, there is no way to escape. Then the whole society, the law, the court-they are all against you if you let your wife, or if the wife leaves you. Then the whole morality, religion, the priest, everyone is against you. In fact, society should create all possible barriers to marriage and no barriers to divorce. Society should not allow people to marry so easily. The court should create barriers, live with the woman for two years at least, then the court may allow you to marry ….

    Should allow two people to live together long enough to get to know, to become familiar with each other. And even wish to marry, should not be allowed. Then the divorce will disappear from the world. Divorces exist because marriages are wrong and forced. Divorces exist because unions are in a state of romance.

    The romance is fine if you’re a poet … and poets are not known as good husbands and good wives. In fact, the poets are almost always single. They determine their good times but never caught, and therefore their romance is kept alive. Continue to write poetry, beautiful poetry. One should not marry a woman or a man in a poetic mood. Let the mood of the prose comes, then decide. Because daily life is more like prose than poetry. One should become mature enough.

    Maturity means that one is no longer a romantic fool. One understands life, one understands the responsibility of life, one understands the problems of being with one person. One accepts these difficulties and still chooses to live with the person. One is waiting just going to be heaven, only roses. One is not waiting nonsense, you know that reality is hard. It’s rough. There are roses, but far and in between, there are many thorns.

    When you become aware of these problems and still decide that it would be worth risking, and preferably with someone to be alone, then marry. Then the marriage will never kill love because this love is realistic. Marriage can kill only romantic love. And romantic love is what people call love child. One should not rely on it. One should not think of it as food. It can be just like ice cream. You can eat it sometimes, but do not rely on it. Life has to be more realistic, more prose ….”