1. Nate, Ian and Matt. Paris. 19/05/13 (por Rebeca Camara)…poor guys…Matt u gorgeous mofo

  2. matt davis

    Press conference at Barcelona - Presentació a Barcelona Bloody Night Con 2 - LaFinestraDigital.com (por lafinestradigital)

  3. My fav pic of the #bromancegrabass! ♥

  4. One of my fav pics of this 2!!!!! :-)…Im listening his contagious and fab laugh……#couldsomeonekillmyhonryfangilrlingsidethanku PS Ian get down the step u r not that tall ;)

  5. 1 missing…but…

  6. I want more of this!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. persianways:

    hotness alert


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    302 BTS

    Mmmmmmmmmmmmmm Captain nom nom nom!!!!

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    Matt, Nina and Ian - Behind the Scenes of The Vampire Diaries’ Third Season

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  10. justianjosephsomerhalder:

    Behind the Scenes of The Vampire Diaries’ Third Season

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    Her expression shows it all.

     One week till this!!!!!!!!!! ;)

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  12. Haha @ErnestoRiley!

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     a falling asleep Ian!

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     Nina, Paul and Ian for Rolling Stone

     Paul looks like if he had a hump on his back..