6. sorry Knepper ;) 

  7. love when he has his hair like this!!!..those grey hairs on his beard makes him more yumm ;)

  8. thanks @par995 :) 


  9. khaleesispyre said: HEY! Do you know what event/show/whatever the new Matt pictures are from?

     TCA winter press tour

  13. I’ll find it w/o the letters 

  14. tvdstuff:

    Matt Davis

    (Source: annelinaaa)


  15. @Moleaks @ErnestoRiley ~POEM OF A DOG.~ ♥

    I’m the one who waits for you…

    Your car has a special sound and I can recognize it among a thousand.

    Your steps have a magic ring, are music to me.

    Your voice is the greatest sign of my happy time, and sometimes you do not need to hear: I hear your sadness.

    If I see your joy, makes me happy!

    I do not know what is good or bad smell, just know that your scent is the best.

    Some presences I like. Others, not so much.

    But your presence is what drives my senses.

    You wake up, wake me up.

    Your sleeping are my God, and I resting at home looking after your dream.

    Your look is a ray of light, when I realize your awakening …

    His hands on me, are the way of peace.

    And when you come out, everything is empty again …

    And again I wait forever and ever …

    By the sound of your car;

    For your steps;

    For your voice;

    For your mood always been fickle;

    For your scent;

    For your rest under my watch;

    For your eyes;

    For your hands.

    And I’m so happy.

    I am waiting for you:

    I’m your dog!

    Moreover, those with an animal, has an “Angel” to save …

    Angels are four-legged …

    Some people do not like the dogs.

    These of course, had never in his life a four-legged friend, or if you had never looked into their eyes to realize who was there.

    A dog is an angel who comes into the world to teach us love.

    Who else can give unconditional love?

    Friendship, asking nothing in return;

    Honey, without expecting return;

    Protection and earning nothing;

    Faithfulness 24 hours a day?

    Or anything at all that parents do that. Parents are human and scold their children when they tend to get angry and turn away …

    But a dog is not going away!

    Even when rebuke them back with her head down, to apologize for something that maybe has not done … And lick our hands to apologize.

    Some angels do not have wings,

    have four legs,

    a hairy body,

    Ball nose,

    attentive ears,

    look of distress and need.

    Although this aspect are as many as LA

    (Such as those with wings) and are devoted to their human masters as much as any Angel usually devoted.

    Sometimes a man takes the angel costume and takes to the streets to save abandoned Angeles thrown some luck. Heal their wounds, feed them and sometimes host them in their homes. Just to have the feeling of having helped an angel …

    When God made us human, and knew we needed to guard materials we take off the afflictions of body and senses that allow us to survive every day with almost nothing, beyond the look and lick a dog.

    How nice it would be if all humans could see the perfect humanity of a dog … a four-legged angel «<