1. Cult (CW) “What Is Real?” Promo (por televisionpromos)

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    Creepy-cool poster for Cult, the filmed-in-Vancouver series starring Matt Davis, Jessica Lucas, Alona Tal and Robert Knepper

    The CW promo poster

  4. matt Cult (CW) Series Premiere Teaser Promo (por televisionpromos)

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  6. Matthew Davis from The Vampire Diaries signing autographs (por HighlyCollectible) looking amazingballs Davis!!!

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    TCA’s Cult

    “O’Bannon says landing Davis was “an added bonus”: “From the beginning, we said, ‘Bring me a Matt Davis type,’ and then we got word that they were going to kill his character on ‘The Vampire Diaries.’ So we got really excited and made a deal very quickly. My daughter is a very big ‘Vampire Diaries’ fan and when I got home, I said, ‘You can’t tell anybody, but guess who I got to be the lead in “Cult”: Matt Davis!’ It was amazing to see her reaction. At first she was so excited: ‘You got Matt Davis!’ And then she was horrified: ‘He’s leaving “The Vampire Diaries”?!’”

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    Cult - 1x01 - “Pilot” - Matthew Davis as Jeff Sefton and Jessica Lucas as Skye Yarrow

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