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    I’m sexy and I know it

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    sexy guy

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  4. Stealing Something






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    34-35/50 Pictures of Matt Davis
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    finding bliss

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    Matt Davis in the Cult Season 1 Premiere: “You’re Next”


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  10.  @par995 u meant this one?  Saltzman (FC: Matt Davis)

    ★  Otherwise known as: Prince Charming/Phillip

    ★  Occupation in Storybrooke: History Teacher at Storybrooke High School

    ★  Family Ties: Alaric is married to Isobel, who has been in a coma for several years now after a horrible car accident.

    ★  Possible Love Interest(s): Jenna Somers, Blair Waldorf

    ★  Before the curse: Alaric spent years searching for his princess, he didn’t know much about her.  Simply that she was cast out of her kingdom when she was young by King John so he could assume the throne after her parent’s death.  He looked for years, unable to find the princess and eventually settled down with another, Isobel.  She was beautiful and fair, but it was never quite right.  She wasn’t the one and he wasn’t sure what exactly could be done with the situation.  He felt increasingly guilty for his desire to search for his true princess and resolved to stay with his wife. He was away with the knights when he received word that she had fallen ill.  By the time he reached the castle, he was told by Peter that she had fallen asleep and would never wake.  What Peter neglected to tell him was that he was responsible for the princess’s slumber because she had not fulfilled her end of a bargain to keep the prince. 

    ★  After the curse: There are not history buffs quite like Alaric Saltzman.  You would think he’s traveled the world and seen it all, but in truth Alaric, like everyone else, has never set foot outside of Storybrooke. He loves to read about faraway places and past events, but he never seems to take adventures of his own.  He can’t seem to leave his wife.  He remains loyal though her coma is permanent and has been for years.  His draw to the young English teacher is hard to deny.  There’s just something about her he can’t quite shake. 

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  11. Alaric Saltzman’s first day at Mystic Falls High School (por ItEntertainsMe)

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    Zach & Sara & Matt & Ian & Nina & Candice & Paul & Michael & Mr Who?& Kat

    ♥ him

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    David Gandy photoshoot

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