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    dog trying to save fishes

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    Have you ever been this worried?

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    With this gif, we shall achieve world peace.

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  9. GAZA // Eduardo Galeano great article!!! (hope its well translated)

    By Eduardo Galeano
    To be justified,  state terrorists manufactures terrorism : Harvesting and sowing hatred alibis. Everything indicates that this slaughter of Gaza, according to its authors want to end the terrorists achieved multiply.
    Since 1948, Palestinians are condemned to perpetual humiliation. They can not even breathe without permission. They have lost their country, their land, their water, their freedom, their everything. Not even have the right to choose their rulers. When they vote who should not vote, they are punished. Gaza is being punished. He became a mousetrap end, since Hamas won the elections fairly in 2006. Something similar happened in 1932, when the Communist Party won the elections in El Salvador. Bathed in blood, Salvadorans expiated their misconduct and then lived under military dictatorships. Democracy is a luxury that not everyone deserves.

    They are children of impotence homemade rockets that Hamas militants, corralled in Gaza, fired with botched aim on land that had been Palestinian and Israeli occupation usurped. And despair, at the edge of suicidal madness, is the
    mother of the bravado that deny the right of existence of Israel, no screams efficiency, while very effective war of extermination is denying, for years, the right to exist in Palestine. Palestine is already low. Step by step, Israel is obliterated.
    Settlers invade, and after them the soldiers are correcting the border. Bullets consecrate dispossession, in self-defense. No aggressive war that claims to be defensive war. Hitler invaded Poland to prevent Germany invaded Poland. Bush invaded Iraq to prevent Iraq invaded the world. In each of his defensive wars, Israel has swallowed another piece of Palestine, and lunches are. The devouring justified by the title bestowed the Bible, for two thousand years of persecution that the Jewish people suffered and panic generated by Palestinians lurking.
    Israel is the country that never meets the recommendations and resolutions of the United Nations, which never abides by the rulings of international tribunals, the teaser of international law, and is also the only country that has legalized
    torture of prisoners. Who gave him the right to deny all rights? Where does the impunity with which Israel is running the Gaza massacre? The Spanish government could not have impunity bomb the Basque ETA to end, neither the British government could devastate Ireland to liquidate IRA. Did the tragedy of the Holocaust implies a policy of eternal impunity? Or that green light comes from the power honcho in Israel has the most hardcore of his subjects?
    He, the most modern and sophisticated in the world, who knows Israeli army kills. No kills by mistake. Kills by horror. Civilian casualties are called collateral damage, according to the dictionary of other imperial wars. In Gaza, collateral damage of ten, three are children. And add thousands mutilated, victims of human dismemberment technology, the defense industry is successfully tested in the operation of ethnic cleansing.
    And as always, always the same: in Gaza, a hundred to one. For every hundred Palestinians, an Israeli.
    Dangerous people, warns the other bombing by mass media manipulation, we invite you to believe that an Israeli life is worth as much as a hundred Palestinian lives. And we also invite the media to believe they are humanitarian two hundred atomic bombs of Israel, and called Iran a nuclear power was that annihilated Hiroshima and Nagasaki.
    The so-called international community, is there?
    Is it something more than a club of merchants, bankers and warriors? Is it more than just the stage name that the United States get when they play?
    Before the tragedy of Gaza, global hypocrisy shines again. As always, indifference, empty rhetoric, posturing, the howlers, ambiguous positions, pay tribute to the sacred impunity.
    Before the tragedy of Gaza, Arab countries wash their hands. As usual. And as always, European countries are rubbing their hands.
    Old Europe, as capable of beauty and perversity, pour a tear while secretly held this masterstroke. Because the slaughter of Jews was always a European custom, but for half a century that historical debt is being charged to the Palestinians, who are also Semites and never were, nor anti-Semitic. They are paying in cold hard blood, a foreign account. 

    translated from this article: http://contraindicaciones.net/?p=2103 

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    when will the people realise this ? 

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    Paul Wesley and Matt Davis @ SDCC 2014

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